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The microphone is her favourite accessory. She has almost domesticated it while working in the radio (RMF, ANTYRADIO) for many years but now she's trying to enslave it. A low voice, good for narrations, IVRs. She will fit perfectly, wherever a strong voice is required.


One of the living legends of the microphone ;) There is no need to present this voice.


Bronek is a real pro in the sector. Despite his young age, he has already gained enormous experience in recording. He has one of the most interesting child voices that is suitable for both scenes and longer texts. We highly recommend him!


Another second-generation voice over talent. A talent for acting, confidence and music school can be heard in her voice. She plays the accordion! Perfect for scenes. Do you need an exceptional girl?


Actor, voice-over talent with a low timbre and big experience. His voice can be heard in many audiobooks, games and advertisements. He has been present on the Polish voice-over market for many years.


He records, among others, for TVN, POLSAT VIASAT HISTORY, ONET, T'MOBILE, WP and AGORA. He is the radio voice of Radio Zlote Przeboje, Radio Eska and Rock Radio. He has been a radio and TV voice for over 20 years. A good narrator. A warm, reliable and convincing timbre.


A voice of TVN FabuĊ‚a. He can also be heard in TVN, TVN Turbo and TTV programmes and in commercials as the voice of Eurobank, amongst other things. He's been reading for TVP for many years. His specialty: TV offs and multimedia presentations.


Young, energetic, cheerful timbre. Three fantastic characteristics worth of your production. But it is merely the beginning of what this voice-over artist may offer you. Check out also narrations performed by Mateusz!


A voice-over talent with many years of experience in advertising, IVR and audiobooks. He has participated in several hundred productions. He also works as a radio presenter. Voice of Orange hotline.


Listen to the energy of this voice! Thanks to his confidence and determination, Leon is taking the world of advertising by storm.